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SOAP Connect With Mule ESB

SOAP Connect is a feature of DevKit that enables users to turn multiple WSDL files or fetch them dynamically into a reusable connector. This is one of the best innovative features provided by Mulesoft and is one of fastest and easiest ways of converting WSDLs into connectors. This makes life easier for developers and allows them to come up

Mule Champion Program

Mulesoft is one of the excellent integration platform for on premise as well as cloud. Mule has started the program for the community and it is known as a Mulesoft Champions Program and it is platform where developers, architect and Integration experts shares there knowledge, expertise, views.

Mulesoft Is Incredibly Excellent Integration Platform

MuleSoft is incredibly excellent integration platform. MuleSoft Anypoint Studio is very easy and intuitive to use. It is a very lightweight product, as it doesn’t rely on any database. It provides around 120 connectors that you can use to connect to REST and SOAP APIs, SaaS applications, data sources, queues, etc. Anypoint Studio comes with Runtime,