Secure Sensitive Data With Mule Credentials Vault [Dzone Article]

In this post, we’ll go over securing sensitive data using the Mule Credentials Vault, from setup to actually using it to protect your data.

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Until Successful Scope With Mule ESB

Scope is basically known as a wrappers. Until successful scope process the message until the process succeeds. By default, until successful scope runs asynchronously but you can always configure as synchronous. For example, If parent flow is calling child flow in until successful scope, the main flow will not halt for child flow to complete, […]

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Connecting Google Spreadsheet APIs With Mule ESB [Dzone Article]

Google’s API lets you communicate with their integration services. Learn to configure and connect Mule ESB with Google API, with code and a video tutorial.

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How to Consume SOAP-Based Web Service With Mulesoft Anypoint Studio [Dzone Article]

  Consuming SOAP-based web services with Anypoint Studio is easy. Doing so assists serialization and deserialization as well as SOAP envelope and namespace processing.

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ARIMA Forecasting With SAS [Dzone Article]

  The ARIMA procedure analyzes and forecasts equally spaced univariate time series data, transfer function data, and intervention data.

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Message Enricher With Mulesoft [Dzone Article]

  Message Enricher works by sending a copy of the original message into the processor and then eventually moving the enriched message forward.

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Types of Exception Strategies in MuleSoft Anypoint Studio [Dzone Article]

Whether it’s catch exception strategies or rollback exception strategies, MuleSoft Anypoint Studio offers tons of different types of messaging exceptions.

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How to Create Blob Storage and HDInsight Hadoop Clusters With Windows Azure [Dzone Article]

  When you create blob storage and HDInsight Hadoop clusters with Windows Azure, you can provision Spark, Storm, Kafka, and HBase with Windows Azure HDInsight.

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How to Improve Hive Query Performance With Hadoop [Dzone Article]

Apache Hive is a powerful tool for analyzing data. It’s very important that you know how to improve the performance of query when you are processing petabytes of data.

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How to Debug and Deploy Apps With MuleSoft Anypoint Studio [Dzone Article]

MuleSoft Anypoint Studio’s StudioVisual Debugger allows you to run your app in debug mode and stop its execution to check the contents of previous building blocks.

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