Understanding Mule Basic Components By Jitendra [EBook]

Mule provides an online platform to design and publish RAML-based APIs: Anypoint API Manager. API Manager lets you create RAML-based APIs and it provides a facility to publish APIs over a portal publicly or privately. It provides an online Runtime Manager so that you can deploy your application on CloudHub. Deploying the application from Anypoint […]

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Anypoint Connectors With Mule ESB By Jitendra [EBook]

Connectors function like endpoints by sending and receiving data over a transport. However, while endpoints are generic for a widely-used protocol (such as JDBC, FTP, HTTP, POP3, etc.) each connector is built to optimize the connection with a specific third-party API, such as Salesforce or Twitter.

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Mule Step By Step Guide By Jitendra [EBook]

MuleSoft is incredibly excellent integration platform. MuleSoft Anypoint Studio is very easy and intuitive to use.It is a very lightweight product, as it doesn’t rely on any database. It provides around 120 connectors that you can use to connect to REST and SOAP APIs, SaaS applications, data sources, queues,etc. Anypoint Studio comes with Runtime, which […]

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